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Organic Hand-Poured Candles

3 Organic Hand-Poured Candles to Boost Your Mental Health

Candles have always been a nice addition to any room, leaving a lovely scent behind to linger. Did you know, though, that they can also impact your mental health? Below are three of our favorites.

  • Lavender: It’s probably no shock that lavender produces a calming effect since it’s used in lotions and sprays that you can use at bedtime. Lighting a lavender candle can help reduce anxiety and stress while promoting an overall sense of calm.

  • English Rose: Our English Rose candles have a light and refreshing scent that can create calmness and feelings of security. It also promotes feelings of love.

  • Wild Rose: Feeling fatigued? Our Wild Rose candle is the perfect medicine. It can also improve depression, anxiety, and apathetic feelings.


Ready to boost your mood naturally? Try one – or all – of our organic hand-poured candles for yourself and see the difference they create in your life and home.

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