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by Pulkita Anand

Image of window looking out into a garden with a couple sitting on a bench in the distance.
Image credit: Myrlene NUMA on Unsplash

You admire my curves.

You appreciate my care.

You listen to me like

A child not listening to his teacher

Yes, like a child, I love and care for you

You consider it to be my foolishness

How childish on your part!

You want to solve and dissolve all

But there is not all to dissolve

Some things are like air and water

Essential for life, enriching life

I hope you understand…


Black and white photo of the author, Pulkita Anand.
Pulkita Anand

Pulkita Anand is a student of literature. At times, she loves to write too. Her creative works have been published in various journals: Setu Journal, Indian Periodical, Shortstory kids, The Criterion, Twist and Twain, Tint Journal, Lite Lit One, Indian Ruminations, Langlit, Ashvamegha, Lapis Lazuli, Conifer Call, The Creativity Webzine, Winc Magazine, Stanza Cannon, Superpresent, Muse India, Madwomen in the Attic, Poetica#11 &12, The Uglywriters, Impspired, Golu : The Ant, Literary Yard and among others.

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