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My First

by Jack Cariad Leon

An image of two adolescents walking through the woods shirtless and with an arrow marking painted on their backs.
Image credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I don’t know if you remember me

but when I think of the strangely intimate moment

where I studied your features

as I learned for the first time,

exactly how a person’s face looks before crying,

bitterly humiliated…

I don’t know how it could have been anything

except indelible love.

I feel like if at that moment

somebody had pierced our veins,

starlight would spill out.


Black and white photo of the author, Jack Cariad Leon.
Jack Cariad Leon

Jack Cariad Leon (he/him) is a transgender writer and visual artist based in Brisbane, Australia. A fan of the avant-garde, he collects dolls and art books of certain genres. He also has a deep interest in the history and lore of flowers.

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