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by Philipa Murray

Picture of a women from birds eye view, lying in water with flowers around her. The women is upside down in the picture.
Image credit: Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Her silence is deafening,

it's where she keeps her screams

The darkness is all consuming,

but it is where she beams

The sun is drowning out her light

It's under the stars where she can catch her breath

they're shining against her skin so bright

The midnight sky isn't stealing her air

The world is quiet

Under the moon

All alone,

Her silence sings a different tune


Black and white photo of the author, Philipa Murray.
Philipa Murray

Philipa Murray is a 24 years old from New Zealand. She is the mother of a wonderful little girl. Philipa has a diploma in creative writing and has been published in an anthology entitled Rise Up Rabid Souls, edited by Debra May Silver.

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