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The Story of A Child Who's Eyes are Open

by Daniel Princewill

this is my story:

of a boy who wandered-

an ant walking the path of life without a colony,

pushing forth as it forages for food,

a boy forced to shed the colour

of his skin in his mind-

a snake calling itself a mouse,

you can taste the iron-y as it

burns through your tongue/

a boy whose mind drunk from the teat

of foreign milk & now he is an outcast in his father's house-

the sheep that has refused to follow the shepherd home and is a hot snack for those in wait-

a boy who looks at the glass saying:

"Mirror, mirror,

help me show my true self-

one that a rainbow will envy,

or embrace in clouds since he has met a brother.

Close up image of an eye with a rainbow light shining over the eye.
Image credit: Harry Quan on Unsplash


Daniel C. Princewill is a creative writer and poet. His works have been published or are pending in Spillwords, Literary Yard and Poetry Potion. He is a third-year student studying Medicine at the University of Nigeria where he is based. He loves to read and write poetry that is thought-evoking, too.

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