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All-Natural Soy-Coconut Wax Candle, with an English Rose Scent, is Hand-Poured and consists of a Cotton Wick creating a smooth burn.


English Rose has a refreshing and light fragrance with hints of magnolia, rose buds, and violet. English Rose has calming properties which creates feelings of serenity and peace. This fragrance is beneficial in the grieving process as it enhances feelings of love and nurture.

English Rose Cotton Wick Candle

20,00$ Regular Price
16,00$Sale Price
  • Candles are made from organic, ethically sourced Soy and Coconut Wax which is hand-mixed to create a smooth burn.

    Fragrance added is an English Rose Frangrance Oil, with notes of magnolia, rose buds, and violets, creating a long lasting and reliable scent.

    Note: since all candles are individually-made, variations of wax mix and fragrance may occur and can vary slightly per batch created. 

    Size: 255 g | 9 oz 

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