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Set of five beaded bracelets with one quartz bracelet. The beads are white with greyish-blue tints, and two gold rods, and gold beads are added for flair.

Smoky Quartz

SKU: 00001
$50.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
  • Each of the five bracelets are made with plastic beads. Two of the bracelets have a gold (disclaimer: not real gold) rods. The quartz, found in one of the bracelets, is a grey colour, ~3.5cm/1 1/4 inch in length. Each bracelet is ~18cm/7 inches in diameter. 

    Quartz is believed to be a healing stone, which links heart with throat and brow chakra to expand creativity and self expression. For healing, grounding, and balancing energies, one can use the smoky quartz on the lower chakra.

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