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About redrosethorns

redrosethorns began as an online store selling hand-poured candles, starting in 2020. Our goal was to eventually create a space where we could empower others through education on issues such as mental health, self-care practices, and gender/sexuality. We believe in equality and understand that there are societal complexities which hold us back and keep us divided and dominated by a patriarchal system. We believe that one way to move forward and break these chains, is through education, awareness, self-healing, and community.

With this mission in mind, redrosethorns offers coaching services, using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to teach individuals how to connect with their core selves, and we offer workshops on self-care practices to build their self-worth. We also offer publishing opportunities - through our annual magazine and online journal - to encourage individuals to speak up and express their voices. Our stories are what connect us, but also what empower us to move into a direction that is more aligned with who we are, our values, and our passions. It is through this that we can begin to dismantle the patriarchy, one empowered person, and empowered communities at a time.

About the Founder/CEO

Kirsty Anne Richards

Hello Lovelies! My name is Kirsty Anne Richards, and I am the founder/CEO of redrosethorns. I am a writer, a feminist, an educator, and am passionate in the subjects of psychology/mental health, and sexuality/gender. I also love arts and crafts and wanted to build a business where I can combine my interests to advocate for mental health & wellness, and the components of sexuality. I do this with the intent to empower, educate and support individuals to be their most authentic selves, to heal from past wounds/traumas, and to build an inclusive community where we can inspire each other.

This journey began through my own self-healing, and, with the knowledge I gained through education, and self-growth, I became determined to take what I had gained and place it into something that could benefit others. Reading and writing has always been very therapeutic for me; it is where I have found my own voice, where I gained great insight on the complexities found within society, and it is where I realised my own power. I hope this space is where you can gain something that benefits your journey, whatever that may be.

A little bit on my background, I have a B.A. in Psychology, and double minored in Sexuality Studies and LGBTQ Studies. I also obtained a Sexual Health Educator Certificate, which focuses on anaylising institutional oppression within an intersectional structure, through a feminist perspective. I have experience in peer counselling, in teaching psychology and sexual health, and, of course, I am certified as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coach, an Art Therapy Coach, and I am certified as Mental Health First Aide.

I am currently pursuing my MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture. 

About our publications

The most powerful tool we all have, is our voices. We know this because it is the number one thing our oppressors try to take away from us. They want to silence us because the truth would disempower them. I say good. Let them shrivel away and become obsolete. But this requires all of us to then speak up. We cannot empathise with each other if we are not sharing our stories and living our truths. We cannot dismantle systems of oppression if we remain silent to the destructive behaviour of these 'superiors'. We will not learn from our mistakes if we never indulge them with one another. 

With this in mind, redrosethorns has created two publication opportunities for all to submit their work in any genre and any style centred around selected themes. The first of this is our online journal where you can share your work around gender/sexuality, mental health/psychology, self-care, and empowerment. The second opportunity is through our annual magazine (which will be available in print). Each year we will select a theme and you can submit any writing or artwork around this theme.

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