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redrosethorns is the proud recipient of the
Banco Santander Open Innovation Birkbeck Pioneer Award

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As part of the Pioneer Programme 1.0 with Birkbeck, University of London, in February 2023, redrosethorns was a recipient of the Banco Santander Open Innovation Birkbeck Pioneer Award in recognition of their innovative business idea. 


In March 2023, our visionary founder, Kirsty Anne Richards, was spotlighted in WOMLEAD Magazine. She shared the inspiring story of the genesis of redrosethorns and discussed her unique approach to using writing as a therapeutic tool for cultivating positive mental health.

Click on the image to read the article.

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Goodenough College and the Worshipful Company of World Traders host International Women's Day 2023

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In honour of International Women's Day 2023, Kirsty Anne Richards was invited by the Worshipful Company of World Traders to discuss the topic 'Women Who Change the World.' Throughout history, women have made significant strides in this endeavour, yet there remains much ground to cover. Kirsty Anne explored the nexus between bolstering one's mental well-being and fostering inclusivity across all genders as pivotal components in the march toward societal progress.

She spoke about her personal struggles with imposter syndrome, strongly influenced by society's pervasive gender double standards, and shared her triumph over these internal challenges, ultimately achieving success. Furthermore, Kirsty Anne shed light on the misconception that feminism is often framed as solely a women's issue when, in reality, patriarchal norms adversely affect all genders.

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