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Battle of Shades and Tints

by Ebenezer Mowete

The maker separated light from darkness

But humanity he made in oneness

People around rendering themselves soulless

Quarrying enmity with zealous harness

Foes are lacking when you love and hate less

Kids born with love miserably grow hopeless

Of uniting racial dogmas of chumminess

Black and white photo of a man facing profile in a car wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. Light is overexposed on the image creating a distorted view of man.
Image credit: Banjo Emerson Mathew on Unsplash

This has been the battle of shades and tints

A maximum taste of hate with no mint

We can only see the light when we squint

So, we are not blinded by misled soleprints

Crafting for the next era a blue-print

Through thorough and deliberate reprints

Of healing broken history with bands of splints


I am Ebenezer Mikwene Mowete and currently a 400 level medical student at the University of Benin. Reading, singing and writing are my top passions. I have a keen interest in making global impact and making the world a better place.

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