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by Ebenezer Mowete

The day's over

The curtains closing

I'm down and sober

But I'll keep waiting

Waiting for a chance

Looking for an opportunity

A moment of wonder and dance

An opening for peace and serenity

Image of a small valley surrounded by hills, and sun light shining down on a man looking up.
Image credit: Hillie Chan on Unsplash

H.O.P.E; Holding On Patiently Eternally

Though things around look bleak

Yet I would look forward meekly

Never will my bank of expectations leak

This world won't keep me down

My dreams forever will soar

Neglecting anything that seeks me to drown

Wait a moment so you hear me roar

Circumstances do not define me

Nothing in my habitat can restrain

Pressing on through life's deep sea

I'll be a jolly traveller on the Earth's train

People may write me off

But I'll rise up

I won't give in to their rebuff

I'll have reason to raise my trophies and my cup

Hanging to every wish I make

Believing in all the dreams I close my eyes to see

I know I'll never break

Hope is what holds it all through eternity


I am Ebenezer Mikwene Mowete and currently a 400 level medical student at the University of Benin. Reading, singing and writing are my top passions. I have a keen interest in making global impact and making the world a better place.

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