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Blue-Green Sky

by Carole Greenfield

What I love about winter are its sunrises, deep rusty rose

and gold, soft glimmer, silver shaving of moon, indomitable

gleam of Venus in a blue-green sky, how it takes and fills,

empties heart and lungs, leaves me with nothing but light,

clear panes of glass to see through, how it wipes away

grit and grime of sleep, grudges and old holdings, leaves

me readied to receive twin blessing of star shine and moon

shadow, clouds burnished bronze and polished copper,

the here and now of one more winter morning,

one more day to love, one more way

to praise, one more chance

to sing.

Image of a winter morning with snow and a green-blue sky.
Image credit: Canva


Black and white image of the author, Carole Greenfield.
Carole Greenfield

Carole Greenfield grew up in Colombia and resides in New England, where she teaches English Language Learners at a public elementary school. In the previous century, her work appeared in such publications as Red Dancefloor, Gulfstream and The Sow’s Ear; more recently, it can be found in places such as Amethyst Review, Sky Island Journal and The Plentitudes. Her first collection, Weathering Agents, was released in summer 2023 by Beltway Publishers.

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