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by Phil Huffy

Image has dark background with a blue light shining on the leg of one person and part of a guitar held by a second person.
Image credit: Sam Moghadam Khamseh on Unsplash

For hands not quite the ablest,

and voices not that strong,

there comes the perfect moment,

a time for simple song.

While fretting in the shadows,

the ones who don’t belong

may dress for the occasion

to play their simple song.

With failures unattended

and hopeful plans gone wrong

success is that much sweeter

for those of simple song.


Black and white photo of the author, Phil Huffy.
Phil Huffy

Phil Huffy writes early and often at his kitchen table while casting a wide net as to form and substance. In the past few years, his work has appeared in over one hundred journals, both online and in print. He has published three collections, one of which, Magic Words, is also available as an audiobook.

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