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Alone in the Aquarium

by Ebenezer Mowete

Photo of an aquarium with sharks and fishes, and a silhouette of a man peering into the aquarium.
Image credit: Canva

Looking left, looking right

It’s like crossing via a busy boulevard at night

It’s like having a wand of biddings to unite

All views refracted to some other place of notable sight

No one can envision the recluse’s might

Or can conceive why he fancies the aisles so tight

He prefers to saunter deprived of the light

But he at all times has to contest his fight.

His best company is the man anterior the mirror

The girl of his dreams is the image in the mirror

Only a select few can understand his exhaustive humour

Everyone else seems to be an exemplification of horror

Genius, to seclusion is his lone succour.

His spur from the cascade of resourcefulness has its anchor

Oriented towards being an enhanced version of himself via behavioural scour

And becoming aptly colossal in the vein of conspicuousness as a golden tower

Every man jack marvels at this diamond in the rough

Only but if you can unveil the bark so tough

A happenstance of elitist exchange is enough

To realise that under that moodiness is a barrel of laughs

And could make the stuffy room light-hearted in a snuff.

Being alone in the aquarium is just his stuff

He guides his solitude with ardent rebuff

And may guise his highest ecstasy with a huff


I am Ebenezer Mikwene Mowete and currently a 400 level medical student at the University of Benin. Reading, singing and writing are my top passions. I have a keen interest in making global impact and making the world a better place.

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