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*Boys Will Be Boys*

Updated: Mar 24

by Samuel David

Sometime ago, he was all the spark

that drives those around him to their fullest passion,

And the hedge above those who seek compassion.

But they said, he has no heart or soul,

And he's as hard as the hardest stone.

But they said, He wasn't all huge and glamouring,

And his smile is as fake as the black ocean.

though he swayed like the shadows,

walked through the darkness that scares his soul,

Talked like a thousand rivers in a run,

Lived with every passion of love.

An image of a shadow of a man's upper body.
Image credit: wilfried Vowoto on Unsplash

But they do say, He wasn't all that fearful

Nor had arms as strong as a Mavis Villain.

But all his moves are simple

touching every soul with his smile.

He stands not like a tree covering other shadows,

But has a shade in the heart of the sun.

But sometimes they said, of course he is a boy,

he should be the first,

he should be full of pride

Strong as a giant in the shadow of love.

Stand tall with a shoulder high.

And He is never fast enough, not like every eagle that dives without fear

He's not smart with the highest IQ

Or lives without limitations and struggles.

But oh! in every hand that he kept trying,

Makes all his fiber to match forward.

He sees every storm that cometh

And with courage tread on them all.

Though he may not be like a giant, strong and mighty,

Nor acts on every violence that showeth within.

He may be weak on the inside

He may lack the best craftiness of men.

But does it make him unreal?

Are his actions not good enough?

Does he need more pride to stand like a tree?

To make him look acceptable?

"You're a man" they say,

And you should be strong like every rock.

No! do not let your emotions get into your head,

Get up and be a man without your emotions,

Never be soft,

Because strong men don't cry.

And their minds are never weak.

Black and white image of the profile of a black man.
Image credit: Olu Famule on Unsplash

But *Boys will be boys* who does have emotions,

Strong, weak in every commotions.

He may not hide his tears to fall

Nor walk like one whose hands may not fail.

But he is unique, kind and gentle,

So, you can't change him, no! not his genitals.

You can't break him into your own mentality.

Because he is a boy whose feelings mattered and not a tool of comparison.


Black and white photo of the author, Samuel David.
Samuel David

I'm just a simple soul who loves poems and like being me.


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