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It’s Only A Memory

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

by Taylor Perelman

For "D"

We met.

On a crisp spring evening.

We talked without words, a glass of wine in our hand.

Getting lost in each other’s eyes before the midnight clock called us back to School night reality.

An image of a woman on a train looking out of the window reflectively.
Image credit: Canva

We loved.

Before saying goodbye.

Across a continent.

Hugging by a baggage claim.

Despite the rainy Sunday nights and the missed Halloween parties.

Wind in our hairs, holding onto each other, looking at the waves.

Kissing by a Christmas tree.

Laughing, Exhausted after sleepless nights.

I suffered.

When words were not allowed.

When the pain from a broken body felt like a mental relief.

When even looking at each other, little cogs in a machine, felt forbidden.

Limping under the burden of a painful memory.


Black and white image of a painting to represent the author Taylor Perelman.

Taylor Perelman was born in Europe and moved to the US to pursue her graduate education.

After spending some time in the greater New York City area, she currently lives and works in San Francisco.

She is passionate about chess, (French) wine and likes writing as a hobby.

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