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I'd Listen

by Ebenezer Mowete

If you tell your story, yes, I'd listen

Tales of joy or sadness, I'd listen because of you.

Hoping that it eases your pain, hoping that it erases your doubts and lifts your spirit,

Of course, I'd listen.

Black and white photo of two children, one boy and one girl, walking away from viewer on a path. The girl has arms wrapped around boy.
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In pain, I would tear my shirt to stop your heart from bleeding out,

In doubt, I would stretch my hands into that darkness and pull you out, I would.

In joy, I would be by your side beaming with smiles and cheering you on

Of course, I'd listen.

I would, only if you hold on:

To faith hanging on my sleeves waiting for you to come out,

To a love which has no need for carnal thoughts,

To a future where your tale would crack open a jar of smiles within the chambers of your heart.


I am Ebenezer Mikwene Mowete and currently a 400 level medical student at the University of Benin. Reading, singing and writing are my top passions. I have a keen interest in making global impact and making the world a better place.

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