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Into the Cool Shadows

by Christine Waldman

Dampened and muted

Beige in hue

How else can I

Traverse the sharp places

And dark hollows

Black and white image of hands reaching out  toward a bright light above them.
Image credit: Nahid Hatami (i.am_nah) on Unsplash

When my colors are florescent,

The sharper the sting

So I peek out a moment

And only feel a glancing blow

Long enough to know

I long for vibrant shades

But usually can only endure


But lately, I find that I can stare


And that I'm brave enough

To endure a full-on rainbow

And still be left standing

Those colors now are seared

Into my brain and wrap around

My spine

I will sometimes duck back down

Into the cool shadows

To check my limbs

And see if I am still


And maybe next time

I won't stay down there

So long


Black and white photo of the author, Christine Waldman
Christine Waldman

Christine Waldman has had several essays published in Rebelle Society, Phlmetropolis, and Delaware Beach Life Magazine. Christine used her writing skills as a tool of self-expression and survival through turbulent times as a single mother of three. Through poetry, humorous essays, as well as four full length novels, she has emerged with most of her sanity and all of her sense of humor intact.

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