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Depression in the Cave of the Mind

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

by Uwohali Orange

An image of the entrance to a dark cave with little light shining through.
Image credit: Canva

The cave is awful deep and dark

Dark and deep, deep and dark

Endless infinity, spiral stairs

M.C. Escher in the air

And falling, falling

Alice she spins

Into the head but not

Out again

Spinning spinning

Deep and dark

The cave is awful deep and dark

What can we ask of endless night

But, “When will come the morning light?”

And what can the endless night reply

But, “Wait, wait, wait and try not to…



A black and white image of the author Uwohali Orange.
Uwohali Orange

Originally from a small city in north-central Oklahoma, Uwohali Orange writes poetry and fiction. His work has been published most recently in Elsewhere, and it is forthcoming in Dream Noir and Orchards. He lives and works in a Mexican pueblo near the Pacific Ocean.

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