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My Uterus is in Revolt

by Ashley Pennock

Image of a woman with black hair and red eyes looking directly in the camera with blood smeared all over her hands and arms.
Image credit: Sierra Koder on Unsplash

My uterus is in revolt

paul Revere on his horse;

Saddle up, you’re a

woman now. Fear it, take a knee-

The British are coming.

Redcoats, in a pool between your legs,

Revere it. This is the miracle of birth

Of war

Of womanhood,

Babies screaming on the battlefield

Snap. The umbilical cord, snaking


Eat the apple, Eve. Unbiblical voice,

Sinners rejoice, beware of the


Spilled guts, secrets stuck

behind pale

Lips. Kiss the blood, paint them red-

You have a job interview tomorrow.

Mud on the lids and gunpowder for the cheeks;

Congrats, you are a

woman now,

Made up. Fireworks dance over creamy nails, careful-

They burn. Men

plunging their swords into redcoats, thrusting;

vaginal Declaration, rightful penetration,

Sinners rejoice, a standing ovation. But no-

not now, eggs must always be kept

refrigerated. Pull the sword from the stone, you are

the Chosen one. Slick with blood, victorious, Camelot

written on the mattress. Now is the time-

Guns discharge, eggs fire;

through barrels and tubes meet their

target. Did I win? My thighs are still bloody.


Black and white photo of the author, Ashley Pennock.
Ashley Pennock

Ashley Pennock is a young writer from New Jersey and current English Writing major at the University of Pittsburgh. She enjoys writing fantasy, experimental, and LGBTQ+ stories. Her work has been included in Papers Publishing, Alternative Milk Magazine and The Writers Circle Journal.

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