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When Times Change

by Carolyn Chilton Casas

Image appears to be of waves and trees crashing into one another.
Image credit: USGS on Unsplash

It’s hard to grasp.

How one day is innocence

itself, calm waters to the horizon,

broadcloth sails billowing

against a coral sky.

The next, you’re diving

for cover,

canon balls plummeting

all around your boat,

and the comrade you thought

had your back

has left on the only raft,

leaving you wounded and alone,

conjuring easy seas

of the past.                             



Black and white photo of the author, Carolyn Chilton Casas.
Carolyn Chilton Casas

Carolyn Chilton Casas is a Reiki master and teacher whose favorite themes to write about are nature, mindfulness, and ways to heal. Her articles and poems have appeared in Braided Way, Energy, Grateful Living, Reiki News Magazine, and in other publications. You can read more of Carolyn’s work on Facebook, on Instagram @mindfulpoet_, and in her collection of poems, Our Shared Breath, as well as a forthcoming collection, Under the Same Sky.

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