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by Tyson Higel

Image of broken mirrors appearing distorted with one mirror reflecting image of person.
Image credit: Erik Eastman on Unsplash

Are we just mirrors in different frames

for how others perceive us?

I come across a certain way with you because

you see me in a certain light.

And I come across a certain way with you because

with me you see deserted darkness.

Not worth exploring,

a heart unsalvageable from life's wreck.

You see me in my acute state,

but if only you'd met me in your present.


Black and white photo of author, Tyson Higel.
Tyson Higel

Tyson Higel is a nursing student living in Bellingham, WA. If he's not with patients or studying his coursework, he is, almost certainly, working on his poems and short stories. His poetry has recently appeared in Corridor and The Kings River Review.

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