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Dancing With the Black Dog

by Anne Mikusinski

Black and white photo of a couple waltzing. Image is taken from above looking down at the couple.
Image credit: Canva


On a barren stage

No moon

Or night bird song

Accompany our steps

Which falter and stagger

And pull me by its lead

But inside

The stage is set

And I tread the boards lightly


To sweet soft playing

Of my muse

Fuelling my struggle

To bring the inside,



Black and white photo of the author, Anne Mikusinski.
Anne Mikusinski

Anne Mikusinski has always been in love with words, whether they have been read or spoken aloud. She has been writing poems and short stories since she was seven years old. Her influences range from Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath to David Byrne and Nick Cave. She hopes that someday, her writing will be as much of an influence on someone as these writers have been on her.

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