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Green Rimmed Glass

by Elliot Janasek

Delicate Emerald Glass

Clear water swaying gently, harsh

Light piercing the water, reflecting

A forest of light

Eyes lost in the hypnotic foliage

Image of three glasses from birds eye view, two are clear and one is green which is shining a green light around the glass.
Image credit: Julia Zolotova on Unsplash

Like a snowflake, cracks forming

Glass half full

Glass half empty

What once was full

Is now empty

Seeping, trickling out, careless

Foolish Foolish FOOLISH

River, vengeful torrent now roaring

Water rushing red -- bloody, inky, melancholy

Crimson all that remains, pure water replaced entirely

Pressure pressure, beautiful Emerald Glass

Now tainted with the cracks

Pressure pressure, when will enough be enough?

When will it be heard, the shattering

Glass -- dangerous, stay away

It doesn’t shatter

It tried, it wanted to

To shatter is to hurt less

To leave behind the shame of cracking the glass

The guilt, “I didn’t mean to.”


Black and white photo of the author, Elliot Janasek.
Elliot Janasek

Elliot Janasek was raised in Oregon, later moving to Colorful Colorado. This full-time high school student has a passion for art and literature, his art often found hanging in local malls. Whether it be laughing with friends or playing tug of war with his dog, he finds joy in those around him.

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