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Growth of Her Awakening

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

by Kirsty Anne Richards

Women grow up conditioned

to appease others,

to nurture others,

to please others,

to set aside their worth for

the benefit of others.

Women grow up having

to find themselves amongst

the rubble of lies

told to them





until they


the words of the wicked.

Women grow up into

full whole beings, though told they are

fragments of their true selves.

Women grow up to

Wake up

and once she sees her

True worth

Her Full self

The Truth of her being,

Women grow up into

The Goddesses they were meant to be




feared by all those who

Silenced her, who

Lied to her, who

Wounded her, who

Raped her of her worth.

Women, one day,

grow up.

Image of woman wearing a white tank top and the word strong painted on her chest.
Image credit: Canva


A black and white picture of author Kirsty Anne Richards
Kirsty Anne Richards

Kirsty Anne is a writer, and the owner of redrosethorns. It was through her own writing where she built her self-esteem, and this process inspired her to begin this publishing platform for others to share their stories and find empowerment within that expression.

Kirsty Anne is originally from South Africa, and moved to California at the age of 21 where she lived for 17 years. She currently lives in the UK where she is pursuing her masters degree.

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