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I Am a Drum

by Carmen Alexander

why must I march

in formation,

falling in line

with tradition?

why should I stride

to your tempo

when I am a drum?

Image of a drum with a person beating drum with their hands.
Image credit: Luz Mendoza on Unsplash

why must you mock

with a closed mind

and open mouth?

are you disturbed

by my rhythm

and secure strut

because I am a drum?

I do not follow

the norm

I lead

I set the tempo


I am a unique beat


no argument

or ridicule

will change

the fact

I am a drum.


Carmen Alexander is a poet, gardener, songwriter, photographer, artist, singer, and self-proclaimed hummingbird nerd. She spent her youth in Almena Kansas, a town with a population of less than 500, and currently resides in Southern California where she writes poetry and song lyrics for her country/rock band. Her poetry incorporates themes of introspection, everyday struggles, loss, empowerment, and appreciation for the small things. Her work appears in redrosethorns magazine, Thistle & Thorn Press, Prairie Dog Press, and

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