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by Margaret Marcum

Blurred image of pink roses.
Image credit: Frosty Ilze on Unsplash

She fills every room with flowers except

her bedroom, she doesn’t wear sunglasses

because she loves to see the colors.

She loves everyone as much as she

wishes she loved herself,

she smiles until she’s happy,

she sees everything beautiful,

she keeps her roses alive though

she cuts and keeps them in a glass,

she drinks glimmers of childhood before

the glittering night ceiling of stars,

she dreams of heaven—sees it is always

living inside of her.


Black and white photo of the author, Margaret Marcum.
Margaret Marcum

Margaret Marcum lives in Texas with her cats, Angel Clare, Alice, Adam, and Mazzy. She recently graduated from the MFA program in creative writing at Florida Atlantic University. Her poems have appeared in Amethyst Review, NonBinary Review, Scapegoat Review, October Hill Magazine, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, and Children, Churches, and Daddies, among others.

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