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The More the Merrier

by Tyson Higel

Bright Christmas lights

shine on the front of a house,

above the porch and front door

and windows facing north,

but not on the house's sides,

where it's dark and unseen in full,

where it's not been made a scene, at all.

Image of fairy lights covering trees with person faced toward the lights away from the viewer.
Image credit: Maria Brauer on Unsplash

And we, like houses,

don't want to make a scene of ourselves,

don't want to be seen for all we are.

Don't want attention to our uglier walls,

undecorated and scarred, and broken;

don't want to be seen wide open,

all the imperfections we hide.

And so we only shine lights on our facade,

the presentable sides of ourselves;

not the odd walls that hide in the shadows.

And maybe that makes us shallow,

and not three-dimensional;

not seen in full and for what we can fully be.

Let all your lights shine, let out your beauty.


Black and white photo of author, Tyson Higel.
Tyson Higel

Tyson Higel is a nursing student living in Bellingham, WA. If he's not with patients or studying his coursework, he is, almost certainly, working on his poems and short stories. His poetry has recently appeared in Corridor and The Kings River Review.


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