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Welcome Home, True Self

by Nikki Kennedy

Image of a person looking into a shard of mirror, only the eye is visible in the reflection.
Image credit: Vince Fleming on Unsplash

well, hello there, my true self

i’m so glad to find you here!

i’ve been searching for you for far too long

i can see you’re filled with fear


hiding alone in the darkness 

is a safe and comfortable feeling

but it’s time to come on out now dear

and face the reality you’ve been dealing


listen here, my true self,

there's no use in trying to run

no matter what you believe

you couldn’t have saved your son


holding on to this shame and guilt

is doing nothing but producing more pain

sometimes in life there are circumstances in which

we end up losing more than we gain


pay attention, my true self

i really need you to know

the past is only there to guide you

towards the ways your soul must grow


if you keep revisiting and repeating

the lessons you’ve already learned

life will certainly find a way

to ensure you do get burned


look at me, my true self

your eyes are filled with sorrow

until you find your strength within

there is strength out there to borrow


you’re meant for such greatness, my dear

but this you refuse to see

why are you scared of shining your light

and becoming who you were meant to be?


Please, believe me, my true self

when i say the world needs you now

it requires more love and acceptance, 

and your kindness can teach them how


but if you do not make a change

say goodbye to the life you know

this monster will steal your soul

& take you places you don’t want to go


listen up, my true self,

allow me to be honest and clear

if you choose to continue down this path

you’ll certainly lose all you hold dear


the darkness will engulf you

if you do not make the leap

it’s time to choose a better life

or the consequences you’ll soon reap


be honest with me, my true self, 

is this the life you truly want?

are you proud of the person you’ve become

and all of the lies you’ve come to flaunt?


it’s time to be real and acknowledge the truth

that you are the only one to blame

for all of this sadness and misery you feel

it truly is a shame. 


the time has come, my true self

for you to face the scary unknown

but remember others will be there beside you

to help you find your way back home


if you come with me now

we can still make the flight

departing from the darkest land

bringing you back home to the light 


follow me, my true self

the time has come to be brave

take my hand and i’ll guide you 

out of this dark and lonely cave


it’s time to be the warrior you are 

by unleashing the power of love

the universe has given you plenty 

to help this lost planet rise above


Black and white image of the author, Nikki Kennedy.
Nikki Kennedy

Nikki is a dedicated advocate for mental health and addiction services and fights for policy changes. Using her own experiences as inspiration, her poetry captures the struggle to find hope, healing, and self-love in the midst of hardships. She hopes to inspire others through her unique writing style and is currently working on her first poetry collection that brings readers inside the inner world of someone in active addiction.

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