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by Erica Gilley

Image of a goddess wearing a yellow dress and standing with her arms open on a hilltop.
Image credit: engin akyurt on Unsplash

The morning sunlight pierces my eyelids,

As I blink myself awake into a pillowcase

Of prophetically promiscuous silk roses.

The golden faucet spews neon burgundy

While I splash my naked face, the

Pungent pomegranate steam filling the

Bathroom to coat me in glittering pride.

The flecks of silver glory in my irises

Are caused by the intense infections from

Levitating too much in gregarious limbo.

I exhale, melting into my bubble bath as I begin

Dripping in rose-colored eyedrops

To fill me full of my own blissful purpose;

Leaving an aftertaste of raspberry fluoride.

Though his snoring rings like baby’s breath,

There are restless nights I grow nightshade crowns;

Missing my days with mother smudged in dirt.

But the power of me is eternal and worthy of worship -

Mortal men spill serpentine eggshells, ravaged as a sacrifice

To the writhing, angry goddess living in the depths of my spleen.


Black and white photo of the author, Erica Ivy Gilley.
Erica Ivy Gilley

Erica Ivy Gilley is an executive administrative assistant that has earned a BS in English and a BA in Dance from Radford University in 2022. Her first poem ‘Human Helminths’ was published in the 14th Issue of Sink Hollow Literary Magazine, and most recently her two poems ‘Wondering, Wandering’ and ‘Enigma of Rot’ were published in Rabble Review’s 5th Edition. Her interests include reading fantasy novels, playing video games, and practicing pilates.

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