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Be a Caterpillar

by Philipa Murray

Picture of a green caterpillar crawling up a flower stem.
Image credit: Erik Karits on Unsplash

There is so much judgement given when we break

We are shamed when they see us collapse under the weight of straw

Because all they see is that one piece

They do not see the mountains of it under our feet

They do not see the nails we've left

in the handholds we created in our own Graves

They do not see each fire we've walked through because

we become so good at washing away the soot

They see only the puddle we become

Over that one thing that pushed us too far

A Caterpillar must dissolve before it forms into a butterfly

That they do not know

We may have to break to change

But we are not broken

And we will get back up to reclaim our throne


Black and white photo of the author, Philipa Murray.
Philipa Murray

Philipa Murray is a 24 years old from New Zealand. She is the mother of a wonderful little girl. Philipa has a diploma in creative writing and has been published in an anthology entitled Rise Up Rabid Souls, edited by Debra May Silver.

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