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Welcome to redrosethorns!


We hold a profound belief that feminism transcends mere equality; it is a powerful force for empowerment. 

Our mission is to create a supportive space that empowers individuals to connect with their authentic selves, find their voices, and collectively work towards dismantling the patriarchy. We are dedicated to constructing a more equitable society that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Our approach consists of two key elements: delivering coaching services and workshops to nurture self-worth and providing a platform for individuals to express their unique voices confidently.

Workshops & CBT Coaching  

Our group workshops and personalised coaching are crafted to lead you on a journey towards discovering your authentic voice and healing from the impacts of stress and trauma.

Publication Opportunities

We are currently accepting submissions for our online journal, providing an opportunity for writers to contribute pieces focused on gender, sexuality, mental health, self-care, and empowerment.

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redrosethorns magazine

Our inaugural annual literary magazine debuted in 2022. This edition is brimming with poetry, interviews, short stories, artwork, and other creative expressions, all thoughtfully aligned with the central theme: COMMUNITY/CONNECTION

In 2023, we released the second edition of our literary magazine, teeming with poetry, interviews, short stories, artwork, and various creative works, all meticulously curated to harmonize with the central theme:


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redrosethorns substack community

Within the redrosethorns substack community, we embrace the transformative power of education, recognising that together, we become a force to be reckoned with. We've established a space that fosters not only connection but the open exchange of ideas, thoughts, perspectives, and experiences that shape our identities in this intricate society. All the while, we explore the common threads that unite us: mental health and gender/sexuality. We've enriched our educational offerings with a variety of content, including videos, interviews, workshops, and more.


Our voices are our power, and our connection is our strength.  

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