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Welcome to redrosethorns!


We believe that feminism is about more than equality, it's about empowerment. 

As a result, we created a space to empower others to connect with their core/true selves and use their voice, so that we can dismantle the patriarchy and build a more equal society that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

We do this in two way: by providing coaching services and workshops designed to assist others in building their self-worth; and offering a platform where individuals can express their voice. 

CBT Coaching &  Workshops

Our one-on-one coaching services and group workshops are designed to guide you to find your inner voice and heal from stress or trauma.

Publication Opportunities

Submissions are open for our online journal, where one can submit their writing centred around gender/sexuality, mental health, self-care and empowerment.

redrosethorns magazine

Our first annual literary magazine was published in 2022. This edition is filled with poetry, interviews, short stories, artwork, and more, all centred around the theme COMMUNITY/CONNECTION

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redrosethorns Community

In the redrosethorns community, we believe in the power of community, as our collective selves are formidable. And so, we created a space where we can not only connect but share our ideas, thoughts, perceptions, and experiences that affect and influence who we are in this complex society. 

NOTE: The Community is currently under construction. Please sign up to our Newsletter for updates. 

Our voices are our power, and our connection is our strength.  

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