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If I Could

by Carmen Alexander

If I surfed your brain waves,

could I turn negative tides?

If I strolled in your soles,

could I cease circling carousels?

If I explored your soul,

could I seek and destroy self-doubt?

If I experienced your emotions,

could I change train routes?

If I peered through your pupils,

I would reveal your concealed


Image of a close-up of a blue eye.
Image credit: Ion Fet on Unsplash


Carmen Alexander is a poet, gardener, songwriter, photographer, artist, singer, and self-proclaimed hummingbird nerd. She spent her youth in Almena Kansas, a town with a population of less than 500, and currently resides in Southern California where she writes poetry and song lyrics for her country/rock band. Her poetry incorporates themes of introspection, everyday struggles, loss, empowerment, and appreciation for the small things. Her work appears in redrosethorns magazine, Thistle & Thorn Press, Prairie Dog Press, and

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